Polystyrene Trays &
Bio-degradable Products

We supply economical, high quality Polystyrene trays, perfect for pre-packing products such as meat, fruit and vegetables. However because polystyrene is both toxic and not recyclable we encourage our clients to take advantage of our partnership with innovative companies to introduce a large selection of biodegradable products to our inventory.

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  • (a) Polystyrene foam trays Various colours & sizes, with and without built in soak pads
    (a) Polystyrene/foam trays: Various colours & sizes, with and without built‑in soak pads
  • (b) Black foam trays on the shelf.
    (b) Black foam trays on the shelf
  • (c) Bio‑trays and Bio‑boxes (with and without window)
  • (d) Bio‑containers with RPET (clear recycled) lids, Bio‑plates and Bio‑cutlery
  • (e) Bio-cups and round containers with lids
  • (f ) Bio-trays for packing fruits and all kinds of produce
  • (i) Bio-cups: Clear, with Insert and Flat & Dome lids