Miscellaneous Items:
Stock & Indent Orders

Here you’ll find all those packaging incidentals your business may require such as Platters, Netting, Cling wraps, Acrylic (glass-like) containers with forks & lids, Impulse heat-sealers, Bag-neck sealers, Dispensers, Napkins and Cleaning wipes.

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  • (a) Oval and Square black‑base platters with Dome lids
  • (b) Rectangular black-base containers with lids for salads, sushi, and donuts (6‑divisions)
  • (c) PS (acrylic) small containers & raised lids for hotels & restaurants
  • (d) Foil container with clear lid
  • (e) Wrapping film for foam/pulp trays: FWP45: 45cmx1200m
  • (f ) Wrapped water melon using FWP45
  • (g) Coloured Nettings for fruits: in Bunch (pre‑cut to 43cm & 50cm) and in Roll (1000m)
  • (h) Miscellaneous: Impulse heat‑sealer, bag‑neck sealer with coloured tapes, Clingwrap, Foilwrap, Baking paper (roll), Gloves, Napkins, Interleaf/Roll towel, and Chux wiping cloth
  • (i) “MagiCloth” wiper, Dispenser for “Heap‑O‑Bags”, and Cooler bags (printed)
  • (j) Black Round & Rectangular containers & platters with various compartments and lids
  • Coloured Foil Containers and PET Lid
    (k) Coloured Foil Containers and PET Lid
  • (l) Enviro Mesh Bags 3 Sizes Retail Pack