PP (Microwavable) Containers, Trays
& Cups with Lids:
Standard &

Our extensive range of recyclable PP (polypropylene) products for pre-packaged food includes both Standard and Tamper-Evident options. Tamper-Evident lids are an increasingly popular choice due to their safety element.

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  • (a) A family of cups: standard and 2‑compartment drink cups
  • (b) Clear & coloured “Naky” snack cups with insert on top, and straw
  • (c) Small, Tamper-evident cups for lunch‑packs
  • (d) Tamper‑evident Round containers & lids
  • (e) Tamper‑evident Square and Rectangular (2‑compartment) containers & lids
  • (f ) Large Tamper‑evident Round container with handle, for soup, honey, etc
  • (g) Different sizes & shapes PP containers & lids, with: Insert, 2 & 3‑compartment, and Black base