PET Containers & Cups
with Lids: Standard &

PET containers and cups are popular as they are clear, durable and good looking. PET products absorb very little water and have good gas and chemical resistance. South Seas Trading supplies upmarket PET packaging and, as a market leader in this field, we now convert our Standard PET containers to our new, attractive TEC (Tamper-Evident Containers) for most of the sizes currently in stock, with no additional cost to you.

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  • (a) Round, square, rectangular containers: with/without hinged-lids (for salads, nuts etc)
    (a) Round, Square & Rectangular containers: with/without hinged lids (for salads, nuts etc)
  • (b) Round, Hexagonal, Oblong and 3&4‑compartment containers & platters with lids
  • (c) Tamper-evident clear containers for salads and fruit‑packing
  • (d) Round JD12,16, 24 with inside lids
    (d) Round DR 8 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32
    250 to 900ml with Raised Lid
  • (e) Tamper‑evident container with lid: #1100‑81
  • (f) Special container for grape tomatoes
  • (g) 4-compartment container & lid: #8‑1504
  • (h) 750mL container with hinged lid: #750‑21 (to be replaced with #750-51 tamper-evident)
  • (i) 500g container with hinged lid: TJH‑500 / SGL‑500M
  • (j) Black microwavable trays with clear, vented lid: F18‑G1A (shallow), 600mL & F18‑G1 (deep), 1000mL
  • (k) Square KSD‑DS8,12,16, & 24 and lids for nuts and condiments
  • (l) Rectangular container with hinged lid for Herbs: TJH‑250/SGL‑300D with & without vented holes
  • (m) Rectangular container (tamper-evident) for salads: #1200‑51
  • (n) Rectangular container with Dome lid: PA1000H45
  • (o) Round container with slightly dome lid: #11‑226
  • (p) Round platter (4+1) compartment and lid: #4‑5PP
  • (q) Bio-cups with insert and dome lid: R‑300Y and R‑360Y
  • (r) Small, tamper-evident round container & lid for snacks/nuts: MS‑SL8
  • (s) SGL‑07B.07T 2‑compartment container: clear & black‑base, with dome lid and small fork
  • (t) Roll-pack and sandwich wedge
  • (u) Black base trays with clear dome lids for sushi, cake, fruit salads: SH‑001/002/003
  • (v) (4+1) PET Platter & lid
  • (w) Tamper Evident PET Bakery Container with Hinged Lid
    SGL-001(60) 1000ml
  • (x) Tamper Evident PET Pastry Container & Lid
  • (y) PET Square Container & Lid
  • (z) Tamper Evident Square Containers & Lids 250 / 350 / 500 / 700 - 16
    250ml - 700ml
  • (za) PET 2-Compartment Tamper Evident Container with Raised Lid
    SGL-001(40) B2 600ml
  • (zb) Black Truss Tomatoes Container & Lid
  • (zc) Vented 1KG PET Punnet & Raised Lid YL-1000A-105 (A)